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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Testimonials of DTPO Course Trainees Batch 2023-24

Testimonials of Desktop Publishing Operator Course at ITI

"It's been a wonderful journey for me in this institute. I have noticed immense positive development in my personality. I feel that I have gained enough knowledge that will help me in both my future professional and personal endeavours. The experiences that I have gained in this institute will always be a significant part of my memory and life. I'll always remain grateful to the respectful teachers, thank you for your guidance."

Shivani Aggarwal, JIJA BAI ITI FOR WOMEN, SIRIFORT: 2023-24
"I recently completed the Desktop Publishing Operator Trade (DTPO) course at Jija Bai ITI for Women, Sirifort. This course has been an incredible journey, significantly contributing to both my personal and professional growth. I had the privilege of learning under the guidance of Mr. Sandeep Kumar Saini, whose expertise and dedication made the learning process easy, well understanding and compatible. The practical assignments allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, boosting my confidence and equipping me with the skills necessary to excel in my career. The journey of so much of learning and growing at Jija Bai ITI was memorable and beautiful for me, after this, I really feel well-prepared to take on new challenges and opportunities in the field of desktop publishing. I am grateful for the quality education and excellent resources provided throughout the course. Thank you for offering such a comprehensive and impactful learning experience!."

"Iam delighted to share my journey at Jija Bai ITI, Siri Fort (Women), in the Desktop Publishing Operator trade. It was a truly enriching experience where I learned many valuable skills and had an amazing time overall. Under the guidance of Mr. Sandeep Kumar Saini, I gained practical, theoretical knowledge and confidence. The supportive environment and hands on training helped me grow both personally and professionally. I actively participated in many ITI activities with my friends, and we won several prizes. Additionally, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship, which further motivated me to excel. I am excited to start my career in the graphic designing field. It doesn't matter how much I earn as a beginner my goal is to learn and improve. In the coming years, I aim to secure a good position in a reputable company. The journey at Jija Bai ITI was wonderful, and I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences it provided. I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported me throughout this journey."

"I am sharing my journey about Jija Bai ITI, Siri Fort (Women),Desktop Publishing Operator Course. This course has just been recently completed. it is really a good course. I have learned a lot in the course. Thank you sir! You have taught us a lot and made us worthy. Now, we can do any graphic designs very well and through this we will get well paying jobs."

"As I approach the conclusion of my DTPO course at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI), I find myself reflecting on the transformative impact this experience has had on both my personal and professional development. The DTPO course has equipped me with invaluable knowledge and skills in data entry, Designing, processing, and office management, which are indispensable in today's digital age. Through comprehensive modules and hands-on training, I've not only enhanced my proficiency in Designing but also gained confidence in navigating various software tools crucial for efficient workflow. The instructor at ITI have been instrumental in fostering a conducive learning environment providing mentorship that goes beyond the classroom. I am grateful for the opportunity to have undergone such a well structured and enriching DTPO course at ITI. I look forward to utilizing these new found abilities to make meaningful contributions to my future endeavors."

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