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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Basic Applications of Computer

Computers are used in almost every aspect of life. They are employed in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, educational institutions, research organisations, the medical industry, government agencies, and entertainment.

Basic Applications of Computer - areas in which computers are used at high level
Basic Applications of Computer - areas in which computers are used at high level


Home / Personal Use

Computers are utilised in homes for a variety of functions, including online bill payment, home tutoring, social media access, gaming, and internet access. They use electronic mail as a means of communication. They assist corporate employees in obtaining work-at-home options. Students can use computers to access online educational resources.


In hospitals, computers are used to keep track of patients' medical histories, diagnoses, X-rays, and real-time patient monitoring, among other things. Surgeons increasingly employ robotic surgical instruments to undertake delicate operations and conduct surgery from a distance. Virtual reality is also utilised for training. It also aids in the monitoring of the foetus within the mother's womb.


Computers allow you to view movies online, play games online, and function as a virtual entertainment while you play games, listen to music, and so on. People in the entertainment sector can use MIDI devices to record music using artificial instruments. Full-screen televisions may be fed videos from PCs. There are a variety of photo editors accessible, each with its own set of functions.


Computers are utilised in a variety of businesses to execute activities such as inventory management, design, virtual sample product creation, interior design, video conferencing, and so on. The potential of online marketing to offer various items to inaccessible locations such as the interior or rural areas has witnessed a significant improvement. Through the use of computers, stock markets have witnessed amazing engagement from a wide range of individuals.


Online classrooms, online assessments, referencing e-books, and online tutoring are all examples of how computers are utilised in education. They contribute to a greater usage of audio-visual aids in education.


Computers are used in government sectors to process data, maintain a citizen database, and enable a paperless environment. Computers have substantially aided the country's defence institutions in the creation of missiles, satellites, and rocket launches, among other things.


Computers are utilised in the banking industry to store client information and handle activities such as cash withdrawals and deposits through ATMs. Banks have greatly reduced manual mistakes and costs by utilising computers extensively.


Computers are now completely interwoven into business. Transaction processing, which includes dealings with suppliers, workers, and consumers, is the primary goal of business. These transactions may be made simple and accurate with the help of computers. Computers may be used to examine investments, sales, costs, markets, and other areas of company.


To reduce money and increase performance, many companies utilise computer-based training to teach their personnel. By allowing individuals in different areas to interact via video conferencing using computers, time and travel costs may be saved.


In dancing, photography, the arts, and culture, computers are widely employed. Dance may be animated in real time to depict the fluid movement of the dancers. Computers can be used to digitise photographs.

Science and Engineering

In Science and Engineering, high-performance computers are used to excite dynamic processes. In the field of research and development, supercomputers have a wide range of uses (R&D). Computers can be used to make topographic pictures. To gain a better knowledge of earthquakes, scientists utilise computers to map and analyse data.

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